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Find customer easily

It’s easy for buyers to find you on our platform. They can search by name, category, product or refine the search through a set of intuitive filters.

 find what you need
Simplified sales processes

You can conclude the sale through SAFQAT, or we can connect you with the buyer. It’s your choice

 find what you need
Grow your business

SAFQAT brings buyers and sellers together on a platform that’s secure and easy to use. It’s win-win for everyone

 find what you need
Easy to list your products

Create dedicated pages for your company. We’ll help you list your products in the most compelling manner.

 find what you need
Secure payment processes

There are multiple options for receiving payments bank transfer, cash on delivery, escrow services. credit card and more.

Sell your product through SAFQAT

Reach more buyers through SAFQAT. More buyers means more sales and accelerated business growth.

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Powerful reason to sale in SAFQAT

Registration is free

It costs nothing to register on SAFQAT and the registration process is easy.

Lowest commissions on sales

SAFQAT’s commission structure is among the most competitive in the UAE

Support in listing your products

Our experts will help you display your products in the most attractive manner.

Easy for buyer to find you

Our search technology lets buyers find you by name, category, product and more.

SAFQAT gives you powerful tools for selling

Your Seller Center on SAFQAT has powerful tools for catalog management, order processing and order fulfilment. It’s easy to update and change product details, mark out-of-stock items, set minimum order values, respond to RFQ’s, track enquiries, negotiate with buyers, run promotions and more

We help you succeed


Al-driven logistics solutions

we provide end-to-end logistics solutions to ensure that your buyers get the goods they ordered on time. You can compare logistics solutions from multiple companies and select the one that’s best for your business.


Effective marketing and promotions

we make it easy for buyers to find your products. There are also promotional opportunities across our platform so that potential buyers have multiple opportunities to discover your products.


Intelligent customer support

we have category and technology experts to help you make the most from our marketplace. From listing your products to helping you find buyers, we are committed to helping your business grow