This Returns and Refunds Policy applies to purchases made through the website or any mobile applications operated by SAFQAT MIDDLE EAST LLC.


1.1 For fresh produce goods and meat (red meat, poultry, and seafood), the Buyer may only reject the goods at the time of delivery.
1.2 For all other goods, the Buyer has two (2) business days after delivery to provide written notice to the Seller, with a copy to, rejecting the goods. The notice should include details of either the damage to the goods, if applicable, or the specific aspects that do not match the applicable description, specifications or quantities of the goods. The Seller will have two (2) business days to respond to the Buyer’s claims.
1.3 For purchases made through sellers, we do not accept returned goods directly. All returns are arranged with the Seller through our Customer Service team.
1.4 Contact the Customer Service team to initiate a return.


2.1 After the goods have been returned to the Seller, it will take 2-3 business days to process a refund if the payment for the order is through a credit card. If it’s through cash on delivery the Buyer has to contact the Seller for the refund amount.
2.2 The Seller may determine that a refund can be issued without returning goods. If you are not required to send your goods back for a refund, you will be notified by the Customer Service team.
2.3 Refunds will also be processed when an order is cancelled if the Seller is unable to fulfil your order and substitute goods or a substitute seller are not available.
2.4 Your refund will be received per the below chart.

Credit or debit cardCredit or debit card5 to 12 business days
Bank transferBank transfer5 to 12 business days
Cashdirectly contact supplier