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Buy high-quality F&B products from thousands of quality suppliers in the UAE
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Match-making made easy

We connect UAE-based buyers and sellers in the F&B industry

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Tech-led platform

SAFQAT is built with best in-class marketplace technology

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360° marketplace

Find products, conduct negotiations, fulfil orders with a few clicks

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Expert advice

Category and tech experts guide you every step of the way

SAFQAT, The Preferred E-marketplace

SAFQAT means deals, and deals is what we enable. Deals between buyers and sellers in the Food & Beverage industry in the UAE. If you are looking for customers or suppliers, you need to be on SAFQAT, the specialist e-marketplace.


Find a large range of products in the F&B industry from verified partners in the UAE with just a few clicks


Best-in-class technology ensures reliable communication between partners and trustworthy deal making


From transparent order tracking and AI-driven logistics to innovative financing, we support you all the way

Why SAFQAT is preferred for buyers

Find what you need

A state-of-the-art search engine makes it easy to find exactly what you need. Just type in your requirements or refine your search through a set of intuitive filters.

Unmatched prices

Our e-marketplace lets you find the best wholesale prices on thousands of products from reliable suppliers in the F&B industry.

Value-added buying.

From sourcing suppliers and conducting negotiations to innovative financing options and managing logistics, we add value at every step of the buying process.

Special deals

Browse our platform for special deals on thousands of products from leading UAE-based companies.

Expert advice

Can’t find what you need? Need help in financing or logistics? Our tech and industry experts will help you stitch together the order you need.

Why sellers like our Platform

Find customers easily

It’s easy for buyers to find you on our platform. They can search by name, category, product or refine the search through a set of intuitive filters.

Simplified sales processes

You can conclude the sale through SAFQAT, or we can connect you with the buyer. It’s your choice.

Grow your business

SAFQAT brings buyers and sellers together on a platform that’s secure and easy to use. It’s win-win for everyone.

Easy to list your products

Create dedicated pages for your company. We’ll help you list your products in the most compelling manner.

Secure payment processes

There are multiple options for receiving payments-bank transfer, cash on delivery, escrow services, credit card and more.