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A state-of-the-art search engine makes it easy to find exactly what you need. Just type in your requirements or refine your search through a set of intuitive filters.

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Unmatched prices

Our e-marketplace lets you find the best wholesale prices on thousands of products from reliable suppliers in the F&B industry.

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Value-added buying

From sourcing suppliers and conducting negotiations to innovative financing options and managing logistics, we add value at every step of the buying process.

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Special deals

Browse our platform for special deals on thousands of products from leading UAE-based companies.

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Expert advice

Can’t find what you need? Need help in financing or logistics? Our tech and industry experts will help you stitch together the order you need.

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Reach more buyers through Safqat. More buyers means more sales and accelerated business growth.

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Buying your products through the Safqat platform is easy.
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Register as a buyer on the Safqat website. Registration is free.

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Browse through all the products on our platform and select what you need.

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Get in touch with the seller through the Safqat platform. All communication is secure and confidential.

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step 1Services

If required, you can use the financing services available on our platform.

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step 2Easy payment

After negotiations are completed, the seller will invoice you directly and a number of payment option are normally available.

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step 3Best logistics solutions

Fulfillment can be done through our AI-driven logistics solutions or directly by the seller.


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Find products and partners easily.

Our base of sellers is constantly increasing.

Sellers have been verified by our industry experts.

Products have been carefully reviewed and chosen for listing.

Secure communication between buyers and sellers

Best-in-className technology ensures secure and confidentiality of all communication.

See detailed profiles and ratings of all sellers on our platform.

Negotiation and buying are easy on the Safqat platform.

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Deal making and more

Track status of your orders easily.

Trusted partners for logistics and financing.

360° customer service from industry experts